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Name: Daneika March.
City: London. Loves: Art/Museum/Clubbing.
Origin: Jamaica.

What is fashion? Is it Art? Is it what you and I make it? Is it a trend? Is it something that we learn in education or is it us.
Being Fashion is a story, a story about era of style, about designers, about the meaning and beauty in garments.

This topic 'LETS SPECULATE' is to see what truly is the new fashion and where its going to take us in the new world. NEW designers NEW way of thinking NEW stories NEW people NEW leaders NEW failures NEW winners, NEW colours, the NEW NEW.


(image on header are all my designs)
Ostwald Helgason Spring / Summer 2014

Ostwald Helgason Spring / Summer 2014

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Ostwald Helgason Spring / Summer 2014

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